Get High
in Berlin!

26 Sept

The KOM Climbing Challenge offers the spirit of a great day of climbing, minus the misery and monotony of an official Everesting attempt, or the short distance of a hill climb. Perfect for those who want to race, or just want to spend the day climbing.

To do this, we’ve created a 3.3 km gravel climb up, down and around the Arkenberge, Berlin’s highest point, and set up an electronic timing system for regular updates. Normally-off-limits to the public, riders gain almost 100 meters in altitude with each lap. (it’s actually 96m)

Whether you’re going for the King of the Mountain, the Queen of the Mountain, or just want to climb all day and have fun, this gravel hill climb extravaganza has two formats: the Arkenberge Challenge, where you see how high you can climb over 1, 3, or 6 hours, or Team Everesting, where 4-rider teams work together simultaneously to conquer the 8848 meters of Mt. Everest.

Due to COVID regulations, we will host the first edition on 26 September, 2020. open only to riders, friends and families. Each person will need a ticket to enter.  Read on for more information and how to register, or just click the button below. Spots are limited!



Thanks to electronic timing, the KOM Everesting Challenge can be raced alone or in a 4-person team.

In Team Everesting, 4-rider teams simultaneously collect altitude to try to achieve 8848 meters of elevation, the height of Mt. Everest, or an average of 23 times up and down the Arkenberge for each rider. Most fit cyclists will be able to accomplish this feat. Time limit is 6 hours.

If you’re not sure yet if you have a team, no problem! Just register for the Arkenberge Challenge and you can register your team the morning of the event.

In the Arkenberge Challenge, riders see how much altitude they can collect over 1, 3 or 6 hours. Will anyone be able to reach 2770m, the height of the Col D l’Iseran in France, Europe’s highest pass? That will require 29 laps (95km) or almost 5 laps per hour. Only fit riders will be able to accomplish this feat!

Note: The 1-hour, “sprint” format will be held as a stand-alone race to start the event. 


This gravel climbing spectacle will take place at the Arkenberge, a former depot for construction debris recently returned to its natural state. Here you will find one of the most biodiverse areas of Germany with many pairs of rare birds calling its meadows and sparkling waters home. By supporting this event, you will be taking part in an ongoing sustainability project, as piece-by-piece the Arkenberge transforms from an area of waste to one of wonder and possibility.

At 121,9 metres, the Arkenberge offers fantastic views of Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg, providing a unique backdrop for a one-of-a-kind event. The climb is as pleasant as any climb can be!

The KOM Everesting Challenge is being held to highlight the continued improvement and further development of this areal to ensure its continued and diversified use for years to come.



Get ready for a day of riding and racing at Berlin’s biggest mountain! The first edition will take place on 26 September 2020!

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the event this year will be PRIVATE and for riders and their friends and families ONLY.  Bring a mask for interacting with event personnel.

Venue Opens / Rider Number Pick-Up
Start 1 Hour Arkenberge Sprint
Start Arkenberge Challenge (3+6) and Team Everesting
All Races Finish
Campfire and Beers
18:00 - ?

Getting there

Location: Strasse nach Arkenberge 82, 13127 Berlin

Attention! Google takes you there by car in a weird way we don’t recommend! Drive out of Pankow to the start of Schönerlinder Str. and just before the Autobahn turn left on the Strasse nach Arkenberge, you can see it on the map to the right.

Parking is available on-site, but if you can, come by bike. If you need parking, send a mail to and we’ll sort you out.


“Thanks” to COVID-19, the number of spots for the first KOM Everesting Challenge are limited.

Entry for the Arkenberge Challenge and Team Everesting is 25€ per rider. For this, riders get full access to the event plus electronic timing by our partner, Berlin Timing. Each rider will also get an official, printed certificate of participation, with their ride details for posterity.

Visitors who want access to the route by bike during the event, the cost is 5€. This cost is to help support the event, but also to control the number of non-racer bikes on the course!

Non-racers are not allowed on the steep, switchback descent, but must use the main climb to return to the start/finish area.

If you don’t want to race, but want to support the event, please register as a racer and ride the course at your leisure.



Prices include 16% German Sales Tax

Arkenberge Challenge                        29€
 Team Everesting                                    29€
Supporter (friends + family)              5€
Kids (16&under) free but must register



  • Observe common-sense social distancing!
  • Wear a mask when in close contact with others in a closed space
  • Wear a helmet
  • Treat all riders with respect and good sportsmanship, this is fun event

Ride Rules

  • The course may only be ridden clockwise. Any u-turns or counterclockwise riding is an immediate disqualification. If you drop something, dismount your bike to retrieve it.
  • Each rider must wear a helmet
  • If you have a technical issue and need to return to the start, you must walk the entire remainder of the course in a clockwise direction.
  • The approaches to peak 1 and 2 are segments with two-way traffic. The rider riding uphill has the right-of-way.
  • To peak 2, the traffic direction changes – ride on the left!
  • Control your speed on descents to your current level of expertise.
  • Ride only on the marked course – no shortcuts!

Special note to licensed racers – This event is an unregulated gravel event, you are allowed to participate without worry of violating BDR or other Federation rules.

Because of the Corona distancing rules, we will not set up an electronic display board and also not post any result lists at the event. But you can follow everything live on your mobile phone or simply listen to our commentator on site!
To follow KOM live in real-time on your mobile phone, go to:
Here you can follow the course of the race in real time, including the team ranking!

Special Thanks